ERP Software for Trading Companies

SAPedge ERP system helps your business performance by enabling actionable information to every decision maker in the company. It comprehensively covers CRM, Order Management, supply chain and business accounting for small, medium, and large trading enterprises and creates greater room to grow your business faster with better control and visibility.

SAPedge ERP for Trading business is a 100% Browser based (Web based) ERP solution which promises you to connect all your offices, branches under a central system. The system is compatible to all browsers and technologies, likewise, Android, Microsoft and IOS. Simply put, you can run the entire TRADING business even on your ANDROID handheld device. Deployment of the ERP can be done either on-the-premises or also on-the-cloud.

Track sales and Distribution SAPedge ERP Features
Manage and Operate multi Branch and Warehouse Work flow Management System
The document numbering system is a configurable control Robust Security System
Fully Integrated CRM Solution works from Suspect / Prospect / Approach / Negotiate / Close / Order Cost Centre Analysis of Expenses and Revenues
Track and Manage Sales from Order to Distribution Management of Post Dated Cheque
Multi Dimensional Cost Centre Allocation Multifunctional Securities
Multi Currency / Multi Region / Multi Branch / Multi Company Dashboard on Mobile App

ERP Software for Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing industry produces products using resources such as parts and accessories. Products such as Automobiles, Furnitures, Bicycle, Equipment’s, Industrial and Electronic equipment all fall under Discrete Manufacturing. The manufacturing process of Discrete Manufacturing are not continuous in nature. Each production process can be individually started or stopped or can be manufacturing in different manufacturing unit. The companies in Discrete Manufacturing process makes physical products that go directly to Customers or business. Manufacturing of Assemblies also falls under Discrete Manufacturing practice.

SAPedge has a comprehensive solution for Discrete Manufacturing Industry. SAPedge enables the industry to manage right from creating work order to Discreet Shop Floor Control, including Scheduling, planning, Purchasing, execution, control Production and invoicing.

SAPedge ERP for Discrete Manufacturing is a web based ERP that can manage the entire manufacturing and supply chain efficiently and cost effectively. With SAPedge ERP, companies can now accelerate the time to market by aligning R&D, Design, and manufacturing as per customers need.

Discrete Manufacturing Software from SAPedge is a powerful production manufacturing which empowers you to anticipate, collaborate and arrange responses to operational and market conditions with greater agility and precision.

Manufacturing At A Glance

  • Customer Relationship (CRM)
  • Bill of Material Management
  • Material Production Scheduling
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Purchase Management
  • Production Management
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Job work Management
  • Plant Maintenance Management
  • Account & Finance
  • Human Resource Management