SAP Business One is the leading pioneer and one of the most trusted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in the world for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). It has been a crucial part of the data integration platform and is amongst the handful of few of the most reliable ERP systems available for nearly 15 years. SAP Business One has surged to heights with its rigorous development and various functionality-based improvements via patch and major releases. SAP released its SAP Business One 9.2 version back in 2016 and is set to release it 9.3 version in 2017. SAP Business One 9.3 will prove to be more helpful to businesses in many more ways. Being the leader of ERP systems, SAP has put in a lot to make it easier for the users to work around. In this blog, we are going to look at the major changes and feature updates that are new to SAP Business One 9.3.

The updates are mentioned module-wise. SAP Business One will not only optimize to boost performance and stability but also to expand the core processes. The important areas covered are:

  • Addition of simple production routing – SAP Business One’s Production Module will include ‘Routings’. This will be useful for businesses with Light Production requirements; previously such businesses may have to invest in an add-on. In addition, employees can be assigned to a Cost Centre.
  • Addition of return merchandise authorization management (RMA) -Previously missing in older versions, the RMA will be added to SAP Business One 9.3. It’s a document issued to unhappy clients who want to return a purchased product. The RMA will be directly generated from a menu, an Invoice, a Delivery, or even a Service Call.
  • Project management updates – There are some updates for Project Management. For example, transactions will be able to be assigned to a project stage (not just to a project) for easier, more accurate project cost analysis. A Project Gant Chart is also slated to be added for better management.
  • Simplifying and streamlining CRM processes
  • Authorization Management – Company and User Settings have been simplified and rationalized. Functionality has been added for User Defaults and a User now has the options to change his/her own authorization settings.
  • Centralised Payment Engine
  • GL account determination updates
  • Price list enhancements – Currently, all prices relate back to the Stock Unit in the system. In version 9.3., SAP will introduce Price Unit, so all pricing for items could now be configured per kilo or box, instead of just going back to the Stock Unit.