Our full featured image management system has coarse and fine control options, letting you leverage the tools to optimize your workflow. Modality work lists and HIS integration streamline overall productivity. Information is auto-populated to modalities. It optimizes multi-tiered medical- grade information storage/retrieval infrastructure. The system replaces physical infrastructure with secure, reliable software. Configurable routing intelligence provides easy automation, eliminates unnecessary image movement which results in lowered network load.


Storage service. Query Retrieve Service. Verification Service. Print Services. Image Viewing Services (With Spectra Spark or other systems). Export Studies.

Storage Manager: 

Onsite Storage for On-Premise model is also available. 24/7 uptime, support and continuous monitoring to ensure quality and accessibility of data. Images can be retrieved quickly in the event of a disaster providing fast Return to Operation. Archives are replicated and stored offsite for image security, confidentiality, and redundancy. Reduces CAPEX  by eliminating need for hardware and software upgrades.

Rule Based Routing:

Easy automation of imaging workflow. Eliminates unnecessary image movement.

Radiology Workbench:

Track studies through various stages such as Ordered, Completed (Acquired), Reviewed, Preliminary and Final. Report using the workbench. View the images in Spectra Radiology Viewer or Advanced Image Viewer