Fast Track your Lab Operations

Given the extremely competitive environment, we understand that pathologists and lab owners are losing sleep over multiple challenges haunting them every day. Primary areas of concern include faster processing of sample, dealing with the unpredictability of number of samples to be processed on a daily basis for planning resource and reagents and most of all the need to grow and scale the business to multiple centers and cities, fast.

Compounding the problem is the possibility of human errors that could result in inaccurate information and potentially cause serious repercussions for both the patient and the credibility of the lab.

What you need is a system that takes away the guesswork from planning for resources and reagents, avoids wastage, integrates your lab devices to remove human error from the equation and helps you spread your centers faster.

Our Lab Information System is designed exclusively for lab owners and pathologists like you to help manage the daily operations of the lab efficiently and grow the business.

Product Features

  • Billing Sample Registration
  • Lab Cash & Credit Billing
  • Client Management, Invoicing & Credit Control
  • Pre-analytical Sample Tracking
  • Home Collection
  • Analytical Workflow
  • Lab Decision Support System
  • Ancillary Analytical Workflows
  • Device Interfacing
  • Report Printing and Dispatch
  • Central Device Monitor (Mini-Middleware LIS)
  • Pathologist Authorization
  • Sample Storage and Archival
  • Inventory Consumption & Reagent Tracking
  • System Administration Controls
  • Management Information System Reports