Make your Hospital Operations Smarter with SAPedge Technologies

There are multiple challenges in running a hospital efficiently. While patient care tops the list, there are other factors that impact revenues and profitability of your operations. These challenges come in the form of stock pilferages, cash flow issues and delay in discharge, consultant relations and just sheer lack of key information and insights that can potentially help you save millions.

The SAPedge HIS offers you the operational visibility that can make all the difference between running a hospital and running a hospital profitably. SAPedge offers you a solution that can integrate all your departments – from pharmacies, diagnostic labs, imaging units to branches and collection centers spread across different geographic locations giving you a unified look at your business.

Our modular solutions and configurable workflows can be customized to your needs so you can choose the parameters that matter to you the most.

Product Features: 
– Patient Registration
– Insurance & TPA Billing, Credit Tracking
– Doctor Consultation
– Patient Referral
– Pharmacy Information System
– Radiology Information System
– Accident and Emergency Care
– In-patient Management
– Operation Theater Management
– Central Sterile Supply Department Tracking
– In-patient Diet & Kitchen Tracking
– MIS Reports
– OP, IP, Day Care & Surgery Billing
– Doctor Scheduling & Appointments
– SOAP Notes & EMR
– E-prescription
– Lab Information System
– Integration with PACS
– Day Care Management
– Nursing Care & Ward Management
– Purchase and Inventory Management
– Linen & Laundry Management
– Creche Management
– System Adminitration Control