Enterprise data security Solutions

SAPedge Technologies data security solutions offer a complete portfolio of encryption, multi-factor authentication and key management solutions that extend protection and ownership across the lifecycle of sensitive data, as it is created, accessed, shared, stored and moved from the datacenter to the cloud, enterprises can remain protected, compliant and in control, no matter where their business takes them.

Data Protection Solutions:

SAPedge Technologies helps organizations move past silo constrained encryption and crypto management to centrally and uniformly deploy data protection solutions across the enterprise that scales as needs grow, while effectively controlling security policies and securing the breach—in the cloud and on-premises.

Cloud Data Security Solution:

SAPedge Technologies solution provides centralized, enterprise-ready identity and data protection across all on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Centralized and proven multi-factor authentication, encryption, and enterprise key management ensures organizations can control access to cloud-based applications, secure sensitive data wherever it goes, prove ownership of keys, and secure them in shared environments—minimizing risk.