Smart-Digital-Online Operations for your Schools & Universities with our CMS Campus Labs

Why CampusLabs?

You’ll be delighted to find out that we are the Campus Management solution with all the key Processes mapped to give you a seamless experience. Combine that with our advanced technology solution and you won’t find someone who does it better than us.

Your aspirations and growth were our driving force while we designed this

solution. So we made it –

Robust: So that you are assured that it just works!

Scalable: So that you can add departments, offer different courses or simply open up a new campus without having to worry about your system not keeping up with your growth.

and yet

Flexible: So that you can add up assistive tools, whether be it for learning or administration!

The system is powered by technologies proven for their robustness & scalability. We use enterprise Java technology as middle tierFreemarker template & jQuery as front end and Postgresql database on the backend. All this ensures that implementation and maintenance of the solution system is quick and easy.

You may find further functionality & feature details of CampusLabs as you scroll down.

So how to go about it?

  • You can use the system through our cloud servers or you can deploy the system at your in-campus data center.

As soon as the contract between the university & Campus Labs is signed following steps are taken:

  1. Our team will configure the base system as per your basic requirements and with your basic student, employee and other academic & administrative data.
  2. Once the base system is setup, users will be given access to the system as per their roles. Hand-holding will be provided by our on-campus deputed certified trainers.
  3. Any gaps can be captured during these training sessions. These will be duly fixed through our bi-weekly releases.
  4. Although we believe that CampusLabs is a very robustly built and very comprehensive system and it would cover your most requirements, however it is a very flexible system. And in case you want to bring in certain process change and customizations, we’d be able to take it up.


  1. Request & Approval Workflow based
  2. Auto-generated Alerts & Notifications
  3. Integrated with email and SMS (Optional)
  4. Calendar
  5. Multi-lingual Ready
  6. Integration with Biometric & RFID