Process Consulting & Advisory Services

Process Advisory & Consulting is a subsidiary of management consulting that focuses on the process of effectively utilizing company’s personnel and material to obtain the goals of the organization in a manner that serves the best interests of the company.

Training & Development, LPO

SAPedge Technologies Learning Process Outsourcing services (LPO) unit provides training solutions customized as per client requirements. All our training solutions are focused on delivering quantifiable programs.

Technology & Support

SAPedge Technologies offers a unique “Service & Software” model that leverages our seasoned processes, service expertise along with our world class technology to deliver value to our clients. SAPedge provides Process knowledge to company/management as follows:

  • Knowledge sharing on benefits of Cloud Based Technologies.
  • Three Level Architecture of Support
  • Works on Artificial Intelligence
  • Web enabled with Employee self help
  • Easy-to-use, step-by-step interface full of intuitive features and user friendly workflows.
  • Powerful business analytics to deliver Key value.

 Business Process Management services

Today’s business climate requires companies to develop an ongoing process of management that helps them manage a BPM capability that provides operational transparency, agility, compliance, quality and efficiency. Such a capability should also improve external networks with market partners, and internal integration with employees.

Like any business process, the process management has a number of sub-processes that must be mastered and integrated with each other. A reference model is a useful tool for any company beginning to define such a process. The process reference model for BPM includes five major process areas:

  • BPM Operations
  • BPM Methods and Tools
  • BPM Delivery
  • BPM Transformation
  • BPM Support